Five signs your brand needs a refresh

Five signs brand identity needs a brand design refresh

Written By: Kris Flint

Five signs you need to refresh your brand identity

In the hustle and bustle of everyday operations, it can be easy to overlook that your brand needs a change. We’re here to flag the top five signs that you need to zoom out and rethink your brand identity, strategy, design or messaging.


Sign #1: The brand doesn’t feel cohesive.

If you look at your brand creative across channels, what message do you receive? Is it the same or does it shift? (If it’s hard to tell, ask friends or colleagues — they’ll be able to see it.) For many brands, something breaks down — the look, the feel, the messaging. We’ve seen it all. A strong brand statement on the homepage gets watered down in an email campaign; standout visuals are only found in print collateral and abandoned online; what feels fresh in store is completely missing from the app. Whatever it is, the brand story should feel the same from end to end. If it doesn’t, we’ve got a problem.


Sign #2: Things are confusing.

A common result of inconsistent branding is confusion. Clients and customers can’t quite put their finger on which version of the brand is the “real” one. Even worse, a prospective client can’t figure out what exactly the brand does. This confusion leads to companies needing to explain itself more and putting a lot of effort into clarifying how it can serve its clients. When this begins to happen, there’s really only one solution: Work with a branding agency to make the experience clear and consistent.


Sign #3: The brand stays the same despite changes to the company.

When something big happens (a new marketing push, a merger, an app launch, a reorganization), this can mean there’s been a shift in your brand’s strategy or foundation. It’s important to ask some key questions. Does your brand identity need fresh messaging and design to successfully launch a new product? Is it a stretch for your internal team to develop brand creative for the updated business? Is your audience going to be the same after these developments? Business changes usually mean changes to the brand story — and you want things buttoned-up for the future ahead.


Sign #4: The brand stays the same despite changes to the world.

Technology innovations, consumer habits, the social climate…there are many reasons that brands need to adapt. You want your customer experience to feel current — not outdated, and certainly not tone-deaf. When the world shifts, so must companies. This doesn’t mean the core business needs to change, but it’s likely that the brand story could benefit from refreshed messaging and design.


Sign #5: You have a gut feeling.

This is a common scenario — you can’t figure out what exactly isn’t working, but you know it’s not right. Maybe the foundation of the brand is too limiting or broad; maybe you worked with a branding agency and don’t love the results; maybe things feel stale or the message has been drifting; or maybe you just sense your audience doesn’t connect with the brand story. Whatever the reason, if looking at your homepage makes you go, “Meh,” it’s time to mix it up and try a new angle.


If any of the above sounds familiar, don’t stress. A brand identity refresh is an exciting process and one that has benefits for years to come. If you’re interested in doing a brand assessment, let’s chat. We’re a full service creative agency that has found solutions to every branding problem.


Parting thought for the day…

“We don’t know where our first impressions come from or precisely what they mean, so we don’t always appreciate their fragility.” – Malcolm Gladwell

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