Giving everyone a future forward



Tala had exhausted its limited collection of stock photography to promote their app, which provides micro-loans to users in Kenya, Tanzania, the Philippines, Mexico and India.

We were enlisted to create a photo library that would provide a visual representation of target audiences. Following a creative direction exploration with variations in style, color, light, and point of view, we landed on the aspirational “Future Forward.” We contacted each regional marketing director to accurately address specific challenges and remain mindful of cultural nuances. We led the art direction of a three-day photo shoot and post production selects. In the end, we delivered a digital archive that was bright and graphic in style, authentic in composition, and evoked the joy and thrill of overcoming obstacles.

Man Carrying A Crate of Fruits - Creative Branding Agency - Citizen Best
Man In A Blue Polo Smiling - Design Agency - Citizen Best
Mother and Daughter - Cretaive Agency - Citizen Best
Woman Holding A Mobile Phone - Creative Design - Citizen Best
Mobile Screen - Brand Advertising Agency - Citizen Best
Man with Sewing Machine - Creative Agency - Citizen Best
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