Tiny Prints

When Tiny Prints began, the initial focus was on birth announcements. As a result, the brand became synonymous with babies and the overall aesthetic was soft, gentle and fresh. To compete in the market, however, product categories were expanded to include invitations, stationery and home decor—thus, the brand needed to evolve.

When the team came together to collaborate, three beliefs were defined as the backbone of the brand: exclusive design collections, standout quality and absolute perfection. The challenge then became to show these beliefs in all brand marketing communications.

Our creative director, Cherry Lao, took this challenge with zeal and was responsible for ‘the creative execution of many branding and promotional campaigns for Tiny Prints. The beliefs were followed and the core messages communicated. An exceptional example was the holiday catalog where all the brand qualities came together in perfect harmony. The initial catalog design became the creative direction for all holiday promotional content on the web. This included website hero imagery, email and banner designs, along with direct mail and partnership marketing. Furthermore, the brand communication was extended to a completely new product line: home décor.

It was high time to celebrate the greater brand Tiny Prints had become. With the new brand communications being implemented and culminating in new branding promotions, increased revenue followed. The holiday catalog along with other marketing performed especially well, producing a significant return on investment.