Slide Ranch

A teaching farm along the California Coast that connects children to nature.

For a fundraising boost, teaching farm Slide Ranch wanted to sell treats to local restaurant patrons, and they needed an easily digestible way to communicate the campaign during the dining experience.

Citizen Best met the challenge by designing a sub-brand—Slide Ranch Chefs Collective—complete with a logo and typography that applied across all touchpoints.

Small yet standout host-station posters, gift tags and check folio postcards that were easy to read in low light, had fun visuals that instantly communicated the mission of Slide Ranch and the opportunity to support a great cause.

The promotion proceeded to sell out of every ready-to-eat treat and new groups of community-minded patrons learned about Slide Ranch and its worthwhile mission, which, in turn, opened the doors for many more kids to benefit from all that Slide Ranch offers.

Chef’s Collective Campaign Identity, Website Design and Print Collateral