We were brought in at the beginning to help launch Hippo Soap. The founders wanted to communicate a clear brand story: a mission to fund a soap making co-op in Mali and to improve education on how handwashing stops the spread of disease.

The challenge was to consider the best way to visually tell the story with a logo, packaging materials and a website. We collaborated with the social entrepreneurs on why they choose the name (Mali means hippo in Bambara, the country’s most prominent local language) and the idea of placing a small plastic hippo in each bar of handmade soap. They also informed us who they saw as their target audience and how they planned to take action with each purchase.

With that information, we created a crafty design with a rustic look. We worked on a brand identity that is fun and simple, allowing the logo to be printed on all types of packaging. The straightforward responsive e-commerce microsite tells the company’s compelling story and makes purchasing simple.

All the hard work culminated in a successful launch event and the soap selling out for the holiday season. There was much to celebrate as purchases grew and soap flowed to Mali to prevent the spread of disease.