Dance Mission Theater

Serving a diverse group of Bay Area artists, audiences and students, Dance Mission Theater is an artist driven community facility dedicated to inclusiveness, fairness and justice. With significant rent increases looming, Dance Mission Theater needed to tell its story to increase revenue.

The challenge was to capture the attention of the community and to communicate the contribution Dance Mission Theater makes to greater San Francisco. To portray the level of dance being performed, we collaborated with the instructors at Dance Mission Theater and produced a photo shoot that captured the artists in action.

The elements of the campaign illustrate the beauty, movement and emotion of each instructor's dance genre. The essence of each dance is reflected in the various background colors chosen and the typography selected. The poster series caught people's attention and encouraged the press to take notice. With press releases sent out and media calls made, the plan to bring attention to Dance Mission Theater is in action.

We celebrate the success of this campaign to date and continue to push for further implementation and stories to be published.