we create citizens for your brand

We meet passion with passion, optimism with optimism and the instinctual desire to belong with an open invitation to say yes. By working together to develop authentic user experiences, we help convert fickle curiosity into unbridled brand love.

our process

Our process is to integrate with your process, learning the necessary tools to collaborate efficiently and effectively, so our team feels like an extension of yours. No hand-holding. No disconnect. With agility (and a sense of humor), we adapt, pivot and repeat.


We consider every angle while keeping the end product in mind. We ask a lot of questions—easy ones, tough ones, and ones that require an even deeper dive. This information becomes the foundation for our strategy and is our guiding light throughout the process.


We compose a brand strategy that integrates business objectives, compelling messaging and design concepts. This isn’t a piecemeal process. It’s one of constant incorporation where we recognize how each element informs the others.


We create by brainstorming, formulating ideas and turning big thoughts into reality. We revise, redesign, edit and make the creative more focused. We remain agile, allowing room for new discoveries, while remaining true to the brand strategy.


We celebrate when we see results. We convey what is quantifiable and relay qualitative feedback. Our goal is to improve upon what we see, course correct for better outcomes. It is only when our clients succeed that we succeed. Then it’s time for champagne.

our services



We begin by establishing the story we need to tell. To do this, we evaluate your current brand, the market landscape and everything in between.



Now your story comes to life. It’s translated into memorable messaging and design principles, establishing a creative platform your audience will love and remember.



Finally, your story gets shared. The messaging and visual elements are applied across different mediums to create a consistent and effective brand experience.

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6 time zones.

1 company culture.

0 complaints.

With a virtual agency model and an international presence, our team innovates with diverse perceptions and collaborates with passion. Stationed from the Bay Area to Bangkok, we work asynchronously harmoniously (say that 10 times fast), replacing traditional cubicle chit-chat and happy hour fraternizing with video conferencing and animated high-fives. This keeps us agile and efficient and drives best practices. And if using a lot of emojis is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

cherry lao


As our Creative Director, Cherry is passionate about crafting beautiful work with purpose and creating positive change for our clients and greater community. Drawing upon the inspiration she finds in different cultures, traditions and everyday beauty, Cherry brings her creativity and design experience to our clients’ marketing projects.

Cherry loves collaborating with clients, fellow creative professionals and suppliers, engaging with all involved when directing a photo shoot, offering art direction to existing designs or developing a fresh concept based on strategic brand direction. When she takes a break from design (which isn’t often), she can be found at the local dance studio where she immerses herself in another form of self-expression.

kris flint


Kris uses his years of corporate and agency experience to solve our clients’ marketing challenges. With broad and versatile experience in business development, operations and account services, he can architect brand strategy and help bring marketing communications to life.

Kris is always thinking, problem solving and looking for opportunities to create the change our clients need and the results they require. When away from the office, you’ll find him keeping up with marketing and technology trends, training in Taekwondo, cycling through the streets or hiking through the hills of the Bay Area.

our clients